Times² STEM Academy
Inventing our world


Science Photo

The best way for students to appreciate science and develop the ability to think critically is to create solutions based on their own questions, research, and analyses. We emphasize hands on curriculum to better prepare our students for life in the 21st century.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known"
-Dr. Carl Sagan


Technology Photo

Students today are different due to technology and so are teaching methods. We integrate the most modern electronic devices, such as smart boards, tablet computers, and Internet access, into classrooms to enrich the educational experience, for both teachers and students.

"Technology can and will change the world"
-Tom Luce


Enginnering Photo

One of our goals is to bring math and science to life for students through engineering with real-world applications. Our engineering curricula prepares students to analyze and solve complex problems – critical skills that are valued in all professions.

"Engineers create that which has never existed"
-Albert Einstein


Math Photo

Mathematics is the language of the sciences. Beginning in kindergarten, we focus on developing essential math skills that will enable a deeper understanding of physics and other complex scientific disciplines that students will encounter later in their education.

"Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences"
-Robert Bacon